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As a third-party property management company, we have a deep understanding of the factors that are necessary for your assets’ success such as increasing cash flow, upgrading the property to attract quality tenants, and carry out your long-term goals to increase your investment property’s overall value.

Based on the individual needs of our clients, Harvard Pacific customizes and implements a customized management strategy for real estate investors and operators. Harvard Pacific has a core suite of management services that help ensure smooth day-to-day operation and ongoing financial success.

As a benefit to our clients, we provide more efficient response times through our in-house engineering team. Our engineering staff focuses on preventative and predictive maintenance to keep all facets of the property running efficiently while reducing repair and maintenance expenses. Bringing engineering in-house allows Harvard Pacific to achieve higher tenant satisfaction ratings by increasing the quality of maintenance.

The difference between a satisfactory investment and an exceptional investment is quality management. While our team takes pride in delivering the most comprehensive property management experience, it is our dedication to customer service and cohesive relationships with our clients that makes Harvard Pacific superior in the field of property management.

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